About Us...

The Front Porch is owned by Roger and Vickie Francis in the Fort Worth Stockyards in Ft. Worth, TX. Having been married for 37 years thus far, they have also been in business together for approaching 35 years.

The entire business started appropriately enough "on their front porch". One evening while relaxing at home, one of their friends mentioned having seen someone making candles on the beach. Thinking that to be an interesting idea, they put some sand in a cardboard box and tried it themselves right there "on the front porch".

Now over thirty years later, they continue to make candles in their shop in the Fort Worth Stockyards in Ft. Worth. Visitors from around the world stop by and watch them create their unique work. They greet each and every person with a smile as their love of what they do is evident to all.

Roger and Vickie share the love of their daughter Aimee Francis (who also lives in the Dallas area), a passion for anything Beatles related, and an affinity for the TV Reality Shows, Survivor and The Amazing Race. Roger even hopes to one day be a contestant on Survivor.