Ivory Carvings

Having taught himself to carve ivory in 1975, Roger Francis has gained acclaim as one of the finest ivory carvers in the United States. He makes his carvings from pre-historic woolly mammoth ivory, mastodon ivory, or fossilized walrus teeth. Roger has won many awards through the years including Best of Show awards at the Texas State Fair. In 1976, he carved matching ivory Wings pendants for Paul and Linda McCartney. They wore them for the Wings Over America tour as well as on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine!!! He has also carved items for many of the most well-known names in America. Some of the people he has created his unique designs for include former President Ronald Reagan, Mick Jagger, Willie Nelson, Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia, Jimmy Buffet, James Taylor, Stevie Nicks, Joe Walsh, Glen Tilbrook, and The Smothers Brothers. Check back to this section as we add pictures and more information.

Although we are not offering ivory carvings through the internet at this time, you may always call Roger at 817-626-3000 to inquire about a special piece for yourself.